The IYCW Post-Covid Coordination Is Stronger Today Thanks To Team Members Who Have Completed their Mandates

Several members of the International Team at the regional level were elected at the virtual International Council held in September 2021. Since then, the International Team has started the integration process to ensure that the tasks and responsibilities of the movement can be transferred properly, and the work can be followed up.

The integration process lasted until February 2022 when Sarah Prenger, the international president, and Orlando Machado, the secretary-general, completed their respective mandates that began in 2016. At the regional level, Nanang Ibrahim (ASPAC) and Luis Vargas (JOCA) also completed their mandates.

All those whose mandates ended had worked hard for 5 years to develop the movement and organize concrete actions at the national and international levels.

As a worker movement, the IYCW expresses its full gratitude to leaders who have completed their mandates after giving their best for the YCW.

March 8: How Far is Our Struggle to Improve the Lives of Women All Over the World?

IWD 2022

We see all over the world that the reality of women in the workplace and in society is worrying. Young women are a majority in workplaces, for example factory workers, domestic workers, migrant workers, informal workers, mall workers, service sector workers and others.

“I applied for many jobs in different factories but in vain. I ended up deciding to work as a domestic worker for a housing society. Getting a job as a domestic worker is easy compared to factory jobs. But domestic workers are not paid well.” -  Pakistan

Women are victims of the world of work and low wages, victims of discrimination in terms of the salary and benefits they receive compared to their male counterparts. They did not escape the wave of work flexibilization, such as the contract system, piece rates, per quota, per day and others. The exploitation of women’s time and labor has become an unchanging reality in the workplace.

The IYCW Stands with the People of Ukraine and Russia Who Do Not Want this War


Demonstrators display a banner in the colours of the Ukrainian flag reading "Stop [Russian President] Putin, Stop war" during a protest at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate on January 30, 2022. - Demonstrators criticised Putin's massing of troops near the Ukrainian border and called on Germany to play a more active role in defending Ukraine's interests. John MACDOUGALL-AFP

It is a crucial moment for all of us who believe in democracy to defend it in our society today. Putin’s invasion is not just an attack on Ukraine. It is an attack on freedom. An attack on democracy. An attack on truth. 

“Today, I have contacted Martha, the delegate of the IYCW International Council 2016. Her family and herself are fine and have left Lviv to move to Ivano-Frankivsk, while Ana, the former leader of YCW Ukraine fled to Poland but her family is in the Chernigov region where the war is taking place,” said Leizyl, the IYCW international treasurer in Brussels.

Leizyl said that she keeps trying to contact Ana by phone, hoping she will read her message.