Fourth Issue of IYCW Bulletin: "Work, Justice and Equality for a Dignified Life: Let's be the Change Young People Need for the Future"

Work, Justice and Equality for a Dignified Life: Let's be the Change Young People Need for the Future

In this issue of the bulletin, we believe it is important to focus on the first priority defined by the IYCW International Plan of Action 2023-2026, i.e. unemployment and precarious work. While work has always been at the heart of the IYCW's action, unemployment is the other side of the coin, preventing young workers from meeting their most basic needs and fulfilling their deepest aspirations.

The articles that appear on the following pages deal with unemployment and precarious work, call for improvements from a political point of view, and highlight a line of action that the international YCW is gradually developing in various countries around the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE). In addition to its vision and analysis of the major problems facing young workers, the bulletin continues to share experiences of action and to outline the collaboration being forged with adults who have a YCW activist background in order to consolidate processes.

Enjoy reading our bulletin!


Third Issue of IYCW Bulletin: "From Peru, in the midst of war, Moving towards the Centenary of the IYCW"


For the IYCW, the 15th International Council in Peru was an opportunity to look back on a whole period of uncertainty on a global scale. This encounter between National Movements allowed them to exchange their views on analysis and action, relationships, common reflections and share moments of conviviality among participants. This issue of the BULLETIN is therefore dedicated to the International Council and the different themes it dealt with.

First Issue of IYCW Bulletin in a new format

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The International YCW is proposing a new issue and a new format of its bulletin. Together with the International Cardijn Association (ICA), we want to provide you with information that summarizes our analysis as well as the actions carried out in the different countries where we have and build IYCW member movements. This new format will hopefully attract new readers and serve as a training tool for young workers and all those interested in the International YCW.

Second Issue of IYCW Bulletin: "The Gender Challenge"


The Gender Challenge

The IYCW is a movement committed to young workers, which wants to respond to their needs and class aspirations and tries to represent all their diversity. Since 2016 in the framework of its campaign for Just Work with adequate Social Protection for all, the movement developed, among others, specific campaigns in the sector of precarious work (production chains, work in the maquilas/FTZ...), in the informal sector and the Social Solidarity and Economy.