Guatemala YCW: Training in screen printing and sublimation to give young people access to employment

Access to employment is one of the most fundamental rights, a guarantee of dignity and an essential means of subsistence for every human being. However, in a post-conflict country marked by poverty and low school enrolment, access to this essential right remains a distant goal. The Guatemalan labor market is almost entirely dependent on the informal economy, and the few formal jobs available are under constant threat from labor flexibility. Non-compliance with labor legislation, the weakness of labor-related institutions and the partisan politicization of access to employment exacerbate the job crisis. These problems are at the root of phenomena such as rampant crime and mass migration.

Brazil YCW: Raising Awareness of the Environment and the Solidarity Economy, Cookery School and Plastic Recycling Project

In the city of Volta Redonda, south of Rio de Janeiro, living conditions are precarious, leisure and cultural facilities are lacking, and illicit trafficking and violence are frequent. In most families, the mother is the head of household. Most young people study in precarious public schools and also seek to supplement the income of the family network. Young people are the children of workers, mostly in the informal sector.

Peru: a Lima YCW Action to Re-communalize Neighborhood Life

A community without leaders, a lack of interest from local residents in taking care of their neighborhood, many abandoned spaces - the central park, the municipal hall, the sports fields - occupied by outsiders who were using them for drugs and alcohol.

This was the situation five years ago in the working-class, self-managed district of Villa El Salvador, south of Lima. This reality was the starting point for action by young YCW members, who involved residents in reclaiming the area, transforming the neighborhood where they lived and changing the lives of young workers and community members.

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