Chile YCW: Third Edition of the Summer School Week on Environment with a YCW Approach

The third edition of the Summer School Week on Environment took place from January 21 to 27 at the El Quisco YCW Retreat House, located on the picturesque hillsides of the Valparaiso region. This week-long educational event aims to have an impact on the reality of young people and children, focusing on environmental issues that threaten our territories and affect our lives in significant ways. Its key objective is to offer an enriching educational experience focused on environmental awareness and community action.

Nicaragua YCW: For decent work and dignified conditions for all in free trade zones

In Nicaragua, maquilas have become the main source of income over the years. Until 2019, the country had 52 industrial parks and 226 companies but due to the social situation and the Covid-19 pandemic, massive layoffs took place and many companies closed their doors without paying compensation to their workers.

Since 2020, hundreds of young people have emigrated to other countries (Costa Rica, Mexico, USA, Spain, El Salvador). With the loss of investors in the country, the job shortage further impoverished households directly dependent on those large global supply chains, as many of these young people lacked the professional education that would have enabled them to find other formal work options.

Guatemala YCW: Training in screen printing and sublimation to give young people access to employment

Access to employment is one of the most fundamental rights, a guarantee of dignity and an essential means of subsistence for every human being. However, in a post-conflict country marked by poverty and low school enrolment, access to this essential right remains a distant goal. The Guatemalan labor market is almost entirely dependent on the informal economy, and the few formal jobs available are under constant threat from labor flexibility. Non-compliance with labor legislation, the weakness of labor-related institutions and the partisan politicization of access to employment exacerbate the job crisis. These problems are at the root of phenomena such as rampant crime and mass migration.

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