Egypt YCW: Empowering Young Women, Learning Handcraft for a Better Future

Egypt is faced with an extremely high inflation rate, with the cost of living, food and basic necessities increasing daily. The country's wealth is unevenly distributed, with over 75% of the population living in poverty.

The country is opening the door to loans from the World Bank for construction and reconstruction projects, while at the same time erasing human-related activities and development, in particular education, health and housing.

Due to the economic crisis, many children, boys and girls alike, have dropped out of school to enter the job market. They generally work in difficult conditions and in informal jobs, in stores, soap factories, clothing factories, etc., without any protection or care and with wages that are not sufficient to cover daily needs.

YCW Namibia Resuming Training for Action

In August 2023, Ana Cecilia Salazar from the IYCW International Secretariat and John Ofori, PANAF coordinator, visited the Namibia YCW national movement. Their aim was to support new processes and promote YCW grassroots groups and the continuity of work with young workers.

The two international leaders first wanted to discover the context in which young workers lead and cope with life in their country, and one of the life testimonies they heard came from a Namibian YCW woman activist:

The Challenge of Training to Empower Young People in the Congo YCW

"We are delighted with everything you have told us, it has opened our eyes and awakened our consciences, because we were in ignorance. The topics covered are necessary information/tools that will enable us to get by in society. We believe that the YCW is an ideal movement for awareness-raising and social integration." Makita Sanielle Chamelia