IYCW Statement on the International Day for Decent Work

2020 10 07 11 11

“My name is Ganis Rengganis, I am 28 years old. I am married and have 1 child. I work in a book printing company in the Solokan Jeruk area, Bandung Regency, Indonesia, I have worked in this company for 6 years. Every day I work from 8 am to 5 pm. The monthly salary I received in this company was Rp. 1,500,000 or $ 100 USD. If my family and I were sick, I was forced to pay my own expenses to the doctor, because as long as I worked, the company did not enroll me and my family in health insurance.

I also didn’t have the social insurance and other rights that I should get. Of course, that wage was not sufficient for the necessities of life for me and my family, especially since I have a 2-year-old child. I was forced to work in this company with a wage below the minimum wage, because in our area it was very difficult to find jobs, especially for men, if there are jobs where the companies are better, we have to pay a very large amount of money to get to work in big company.

If we protested to employers, they would not hesitate to scold the workers and were threatened with layoffs. Most workers are afraid of the attitude of employers like that, and we are afraid of losing our jobs, so there is no other choice, we only work according to the employer's orders, even though in a state of pressure and discomfort.

63rd Anniversary of the International YCW: Fighting for a just and dignified world!

2020 08 25 18 47

In Rome, on a day like today, on 25th August 1957, the International YCW held a World Assembly which brought together more than 30.000 young people, appointed by their fellow workers from 87 countries and territories, from all continents.

Since 1925, the YCW movement was growing around the world. Following several actions, mostly international meetings, the year 1957 saw the official birth of the IYCW, in Rome. This gathering was aimed at bringing forward the young workers’ demands, from every country in the world, and to show a public testimony promoting awareness-raising and education of young people through a movement that is of, between and for young workers.

All the delegates attending the assembly solemnly committed themselves to be at the service of all their co-workers in order to, as Cardijn himself said it many times, “Achieve temporary happiness and eternal salvation together, for all the young workers in the world”. The assembly was also an opportunity for the delegates to meet by continents, in regional Congresses, in order to identify common problems and propose more suitable solutions.

IYCW demands valorization of domestic work(ers)

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“Hi, my name is Ana, I’m 25, from Apurimac, and currently living in Lima. I started to work at the early age of 8 in the family of a lawyer in which I was allowed to study but with duties to fulfil in the house. When I was 14, I started to work full time in the home of a 84 year-old lady and her son where my duties were washing clothes, cooking, cleaning the house, doing the shopping, helping the lady for certain things for two years. This family allowed me to continue my studies at night but at the same time they would always tell me: "you are useless." When I wanted to leave this house, they threatened me, "if you leave, I will report you to the police." For a while they scared me and I stayed a little longer out of fear. Sometimes when I made mistakes or I was answering back, they would pull my hair from my shoulder or simply push me. They paid me 80 soles a month and with time they increased it and I managed to earn up to 200 soles. They wouldn't give me any compensations, bonuses or holidays. Sometimes they didn't let me go out on Sundays.”