Massive Flash Floods Hit a Third of Pakistan

Pakistan floodsSanghar is one of the 23 districts of the Sindh province that were declared calamity-hit by the Sindh provincial government. [Rehan Khan/EPA]

One third of Pakistan has been inundated by floods, causing widespread destruction, leaving over 1,000 people dead and over 1,500 injured. At least 33 million people have been affected and millions of young workers have lost their jobs.

What is happening?

  1. More than one million houses have been destroyed or damaged.
  2. Access to clean water, food and shelter are the most pressing needs.
  3. We are seeing people with respiratory infections, fever, skin diseases and diarrhoea.
  4. An urgent scale-up of the response is needed from humanitarian groups and others.
  5. People must be safeguarded before further rains arrive.

The Pakistan YCW is calling all leaders and members of the International YCW everywhere to support young workers and their families, especially children and women affected by the floods. The Pakistan YCW is working day and night to collect and deliver needed items including drinking water, water purification tablets, hygiene kits, medicines, vaccines, therapeutic nutritional supplements for children, pregnant and lactating women, and mosquito nets.

The Pakistan YCW also wants to help young workers resume their job and will support the government to re-establish critical services for young workers, children and women as soon as possible.

In these difficult times, your support can save lives. Your contribution can help the Pakistan YCW reach more young workers and families with critical, urgent and life-saving supplies.

If you wish to help the Pakistan YCW, please make a donation to the International YCW bank account which will transfer the money to the local leaders.

Account holder : JOC Internationale aisbl
IBAN account: BE50 0682 2908 4018
Purpose of the donation: Support YCW Pakistan

On behalf of the Pakistan YCW and the flood victims, thank you very much for your generosity, solidarity and donations.

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