The IYCW Post-Covid Coordination Is Stronger Today Thanks To Team Members Who Have Completed their Mandates

Several members of the International Team at the regional level were elected at the virtual International Council held in September 2021. Since then, the International Team has started the integration process to ensure that the tasks and responsibilities of the movement can be transferred properly, and the work can be followed up.

The integration process lasted until February 2022 when Sarah Prenger, the international president, and Orlando Machado, the secretary-general, completed their respective mandates that began in 2016. At the regional level, Nanang Ibrahim (ASPAC) and Luis Vargas (JOCA) also completed their mandates.

All those whose mandates ended had worked hard for 5 years to develop the movement and organize concrete actions at the national and international levels.

As a worker movement, the IYCW expresses its full gratitude to leaders who have completed their mandates after giving their best for the YCW.

“I would like to thank all of you who have completed your mandate; all of you have proven your commitment and done your best so that our movement is stronger today and will grow stronger in the years to come,” said Basma, the secretary-general of the IYCW.

The International Team members in all regions and at the International Secretariat have completed the integration process assuring the good functioning and continuity of our movement. Several new members have joined the team. They come from various regions. Basma Louis was co-opted as the secretary-general; and at the regional level Kenson was elected as a JOCA coordinator, Rony as an ASPAC coordinator and Omeme Guslin as a Panaf coordinator during our virtual IC.

The International Team is now busy doing the work of the movement, including visiting national movements, strengthening networks, and attending strategic meetings such as the ILO conference and conferences at the regional level.

In this post-Covid period, the work of the movement can slowly return to normal, and several national movements have held national councils and organized actions at the local and national levels.

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