The IYCW: 65 years of action and struggle with and for young workers

On this day of 25th August 2022, the IYCW is celebrating its 65th anniversary as an international movement of young workers. We are celebrating the first YCW world assembly in Rome in 1957, marked by the birth of the YCW as an international movement.

As we celebrate the anniversary of the IYCW, we also celebrate the different actions and campaigns we have carried out over the years. We celebrate all the changes we brought into our society, communities or even in our lives as individuals and in the lives of young workers who are fighting for a better future. We also celebrate our values and aspirations that keep on motivating us to be actors in our societies and to be the key for change.

Looking back at our history, Cardijn developed and built the YCW as a movement in 1925. Today, almost 100 years later, the IYCW continues to build the movement by reaching out to more young workers in precarious conditions and developing action that will change our situation.

We would like to take this moment to remind all young workers of what we have accomplished as a movement of young workers all over the world and the progress we have achieved.

We have never stopped believing that young workers are worth more than money and more than all the gold in the world. The YCW must give more hope and call all the young workers wherever they are to act for a just world and dignity.

We encourage every activist and member around the world to continue carrying out actions and activities to reinforce our campaign on just work, equality and dignity for all young workers. We also urge you to take a good look and note your achievements; let this motivate you to continue because the fight is far from over and there is more to be done, so we need every young worker to stand together so we can all build the new society in which everyone is equal and every work is valorized.

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