Celebrating May First?

While the International Week of Young Workers comes to an end, young workers and activists in the IYCW carry out actions against precarious and unsteady jobs in the world, against inequalities in all aspects of life. Today, on the occasion of May First, we raise the flag of struggle together with popular and worker organisations and other groups acting in favour of promoting a new society where people are equal.

The first of May is the International Working-Class Day also called Labour Day by employers. The lack of knowledge of our history and struggles is the result of capitalism evolving in such a way that creates division in the actions of the working class. Although opinions may differ, we currently see some progress and see that some an extent "labour rights are respected." Yet, the reality of life and exploitation is not visible. Labour laws in the different countries show the emergence of new forms of exploitation, i.e.: new job application systems, flexibilisation and outsourcing of work, fast development of new technologies which replace the role of workers not only at the workplace but also in their daily life, becoming more and more isolated in a drifting world.  Social networks play a major role in this class division, especially among the young workers who are confronted with a world of "anti-values" and individualism which stifle our struggles and our way of thinking and strengthen inequality between people.

Our world is faced with important migration flows, persistence of precariousness, lack of control mechanisms and respect of workers' rights, which are all signs of the current decline of social rights won over years of struggle in the past. Young workers are immersed in this reality and have few points of reference and options in terms of labour and aspirations. Young workers wonder whether work should be a source of personal fulfilment or just a way to meet their material and basic needs. The dreams and aspirations of young workers are increasingly influenced by mass media which determine the lifestyle of a large numbers of young people all over the world.

For all those reasons, the IYCW want to commemorate May First as the INTERNATIONAL WORKING-CLASS DAY,  and carries out actions all over the world, in families, communities, neighbourhoods, schools, universities, companies... These actions are aimed at reducing inequality and injustice, combating labour precariousness and violation of our human and social rights. Therefore we urge you to join the popular and worker movements in their May 1st initiatives to demand and defend our social rights and prevent social decline.

The IYCW calls for unity and organisation to fight against exploitation in different countries in the world. On this First of May, it demands:



The International Secretariat of the IYCW


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