March 8: How Far is Our Struggle to Improve the Lives of Women All Over the World?

IWD 2022

We see all over the world that the reality of women in the workplace and in society is worrying. Young women are a majority in workplaces, for example factory workers, domestic workers, migrant workers, informal workers, mall workers, service sector workers and others.

“I applied for many jobs in different factories but in vain. I ended up deciding to work as a domestic worker for a housing society. Getting a job as a domestic worker is easy compared to factory jobs. But domestic workers are not paid well.” -  Pakistan

Women are victims of the world of work and low wages, victims of discrimination in terms of the salary and benefits they receive compared to their male counterparts. They did not escape the wave of work flexibilization, such as the contract system, piece rates, per quota, per day and others. The exploitation of women’s time and labor has become an unchanging reality in the workplace.

The pandemic has caused the women’s unemployment rate to soar. Women have also been more likely to leave the workforce during the pandemic with societal expectations that they take on the role of unpaid caregivers at home, as well as to support their children with learning at home.

“Sometimes I suffer psychological assaults at my workplace, including very strong language, shouts and insults because of my being a woman. Somehow, we remain silent and do not demand respect because we want to keep our job.” - Nicaragua

The position of women in society in terms of equal rights, privileges and opportunities, status and dignity as human beings remains appalling. They are still treated like slaves, like machines, like merchandise, and they are deprived of their social rights as citizens.

What do we need to do now to fight to improve the lives of women workers?

As a workers' movement we are called to build new systems without exploitation. With the celebration of the women’s day in the world, we want to stand firm in our struggle, our advocacy and campaign for women to be treated equally. More attention should be paid to their human rights, occupational health and safety such as maternity or menstruation. Their work should further develop their capacity, equal treatment should prevail at the workplace, and social protection should protect every right of young women.

On March 8, known as the International Women's Day, we as International Young Christian Workers, put forward the following demands:

  1. Respect women as HUMANS
  2. Respect our right to a job and decent wage
  3. We want social protection for all
  4. We want good and quality education
  5. We want gender equality.

Young women are part of a major change in the world. It is time young working women become pioneers of the mass movement, in the struggle for women's rights and freedom.

Happy International Women's Day!

Long Live Women of the World! Long Live International Solidarity!

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