International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women: For a Future Where all Women Live Free from Fear and Violence

This November 25, the International YCW is joining in the celebration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

This day, dedicated to raising awareness and eradicating gender-based violence, encourages us to reflect on the persistent reality faced by women, teenage girls and young girls around the world.

We recognize that violence against women knows no borders, affecting all ages, ethnic groups, social classes and economic status. It is an assault on fundamental human rights and a major obstacle to the achievement of equality between men and women.

This day invites us to take a critical look at our societies, to identify inequalities and tackle the attitudes that perpetuate them. We cannot remain indifferent to the reality of women facing physical, psychological, sexual and economic violence at the workplace and in their daily lives.

It is essential to promote awareness and education to challenge gender stereotypes and promote relationships based on mutual respect.

Collaboration between governments, non-governmental organizations, the private sector and civil society is essential to implement policies and programs that effectively prevent and combat all types of violence against women.

We call for measures to ensure that perpetrators of violence are brought to justice, and to strengthen support systems for victims.

It is imperative to create an environment where women feel safe to report violence, and where equal access to justice is encouraged.

As an international movement, we are called upon to redouble our efforts to build a world where violence against women is unacceptable in all its forms.

Only through collaboration and collective commitment can we aspire to a future where all women live free from fear and violence, where their rights are fully respected, and where their contribution to society is celebrated.

On this International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, the IYCW renews its commitment to work relentlessly for a fairer, more equitable and safer world for all women.

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