"The Future of Work: Work after Laudato Si": Networking and New Opportunities in Light of the New Goals for Decent Work

Various Catholic-inspired international organizations, trade unions, the ILO, religious congregations, grassroots associations, the IYCW and others gathered in Rome to give follow-up to the project "The future of work: Work after Laudato Si". A space that allowed us to reflect, with all those present, on the lives and situation of thousands of workers around the world, and on the importance of acting in favor of a dignified life.

We also had the opportunity to have an audience with Pope Francis and to present to him the common objectives of the various social organizations, which continue to open up new horizons for us to work together. This was a key moment for the YCW in the context of the movement's 100th anniversary, inviting us to reflect on the different challenges that today's world poses to us as movements, as organizations and as workers. This meeting was crucial because we had the opportunity to discuss new ways of ensuring that the voice of workers has a greater impact on this project.

And as Pope Francis said: "You have committed yourselves to reflection, dialogue and research, proposing innovative models of action in favor of fair, just and dignified work for all the inhabitants of our world".

This reflection encourages us to continue fighting for better living and working conditions, focusing our attention on those workers who continue to live in precariousness, inequality and instability. During these days, we were also able to share the experiences that all organizations and institutions are developing, and to discover how they manage to work together to build a fair and equitable world.

This path of dialogue and transformation, which also presents itself as a challenge, enabled us to discuss five priority themes that affect the world today: social justice and human dignity; decent work, food production and the supply chain; decent work and the extractive industry; the transition and maintenance of our common home; protection and assistance for migrants and their families. These different themes allow us to give visibility to the situation of workers. At the YCW, we will also continue to reflect on the different areas of action that we address in this space, which gives us the opportunity to share the testimonies of young workers and to contribute to the struggle for justice, equality and dignity for young workers.

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