IYCW International Seminar, Bandung, Indonesia - August 2018


"Young Workers in the World of Work Today, our Vision for Tomorrow"


The delegates and national movement’s representatives of the International Young Christian Workers together with the members of Catholic Inspired Organizations, associations and trade unions, gathered in Bandung, Indonesia from August 14-22, 2018, for an International Exchange and Seminar on the theme “Young workers in the world of work today – our vision for tomorrow. Reshaping the Future of Work in the midst of digitalization, ecological change, precariousness and unemployment”

The delegates are cconvinced that Just Work is an integral part of human being for personal and humanfulfilment that guarantee for our participation in the development of society. However, seeing the world of work today, it does not guarantee the young workers, and workers in general, a sustainable life as young workers are facing unemployment, flexibilization and precarization of work around the world.

They have seen that more and more of young workers and workers are victims of long working hours, lack of social protection, informalization of work, and low wages that it is difficult for us to provide the needs of ourfamilies. The digitalization of work resulting to the dismissal of workers leading to unemployment. Likewise the way in which work is being organised allow workers to be disintegrated our working relationship and organise ourselves preventing for free association.

The existing laws and approved labour regulations does not come fully enforced and implemented. In spite of the equal dignity with men, are facing inequality and discrimination at work and in the society. Migrant workers are particularly vulnerable. They are not organised by trade unions and do not know their rights. For this reason, employers are happy to be able to hire migrant workers who will be underpaid and exploited.

Globally, we are experiencing the impact of climate change; the rising of temperatures, massive flooding, forest fires and pollution, etc. Many factories and transnational companies caused most of the environmental pollution however there is no clear agenda for many governments to develop policies to protect the environment.

With regards to social media, it brings both positive and negative consequences. It helps to raise awareness between young people about situation in the word however spreading of fake news becomes easy and human interaction is being reduced.

The deep discussions and reflections in the plenary held during the International Seminar, have set the delegates firmly put young workers, their families, and communities to be placed at the center of our commitment and action. They have been inspired by the values and teachings of various religious traditions, including respect for and enhancement of human dignity and solidarity, which are also consistent with the principles of the International Declaration of Human Rights and worker’s rights.

The delegates have found out the common shared values on solidarity, human dignity, Christian value of love and support to each other, unity in their diversity keep us stronger as we face the challenges every day. As we struggle to re-shape our future of work, our commitment working with the grassroots, raising awareness, the dialogue and network, defending the rights of the workers will continue through our method (SEE-JUDGE-ACT) guided by our Declaration of Principle.

The vision for Future of Work that has been developed is a “Just Work” where there is no precariousness, with no outsourcing and flexibilization and without unemployment. This means that the workers’ rights are respected by all actors without discrimination regardless of origin, gender, skin color, religion or country. A work with job guarantee and social protection today and for the future.

Likewise, that the workers are center of the production base on the needs, not by the capital, free to associate themselves and form Trade Union. A work that guarantee the protection and preservation of the environment and the migration is a choice but not by force. Finally a work that allow them to live in dignity and taking the path of classless society.

As the delegates of the international seminar, they have committed to act to continue the awareness and task of education among the young workers at the grass-roots level deepening the reality of the young workers and analysis on the world of work today and our vision of the future of work.

Calling upon governments and states to implement the existing laws and regulations for the protections of workers’ rights and our families and call for the inter-religious dialogue with the Church and various religious organizations.

Among themselves, they will strengthen their collaboration and network at local, national, continental and international level to reinforce the International Solidarity defending the workers’ rights. Likewise they will develop various exchanges with other organizations, formation and training to build cooperation. Among their own ranks they will continue to educate, organize and mobilize.

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