A Young Worker is worth ...

"... more than all the gold in the world!"

In YCW we are pursuing one general aim: to transform society! We want to build a society which meets the dreams and aspirations of all young workers.

We are contributing to this construction of a new society and a new Man. This process is neither a spontaneous nor improvised struggle - it is a long process of action. All the small actions that we are developing in many places of this world are contributing to this transformation in two major lines:

The concrete improvement of the reality, the impact of our action, is one important pillar of our work.

The second pillar that we in ycw give importance to is personal development! We believe that a true, reliable change requires a process leading to collective transformation and passing through personal transformation. We are following in the footsteps of our founding fathers who said in the 1920s:

"Each young worker is worth more than all the gold in the world."

In order to help visualize what personal development is about, we are collecting life stories, testimonies of young workers who participated in ycw over the years, who grew up and became leaders. These are examples of the less immediate "impact" of the process of action. Stories of ycw members who are leaders trained for society, activists who will always act different and struggle for alternatives.

We are presenting these testimonies here on our website in order to ...

... motivate more young workers to join the ycw. We want to present the reality that we lived and are living, we want to show that it is possible to change the situations, to overcome fear and timidity and become ycw leader!

... give living examples of the personal transformation our actions are aiming to, because we believe our experience explains the personal development ycw promotes much better than a thousand words.

... explain the reality of young workers very concretely. We believe these testimonies are strong, significant means to visualise situations lived by young workers, to underline our analysis and to support our plea!

We hope you like our stories and enjoy reading them!

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