We Are Called to Act! We Are Connected! Act for Change and for Social Justice

council opening

“We are connected, we are one international movement and we are called to act, called to act for just work more than ever. In fact, the social contradictions, inequality, precariousness, informality and unemployment continue to grow, especially in the midst of the global Covid pandemic,” Sarah Prenger, the IYCW international president, said at the opening of the 15th International Council of the movement, calling all young workers of the world to act for change.

Sarah emphasized that with a strong and deep belief, young workers are able to act for social justice. “Social change is a shared task; you and I must act now to make change a reality.”

“With deep conviction in our hearts and minds, we must do something for change in our daily life, in our neighbourhood, in our school and in our working place,” Sarah said.

Sarah continued, “You and I must do something, we can make a difference, we can change the world. It is with this conviction, together with you, that I declare this XV International Council open. We should not be afraid of change.”

The international council was held virtually this year, although the council was originally scheduled to be held last year (2020) but had to be postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The council began with a one-day seminar attended by all national movements, countries in the extension program and other organizations that have worked closely with the YCW for the last 15 years.

In the seminar, the leaders of social movements who have been working closely with the IYCW gave remarks, wishing for the success of our work.

Opening the 15th International Council, Sarah Prenger invited all participants to chant the slogan of the YCW struggle: “La JOC, la JOC est internationale!”

Presided over by the international secretariat, the international council was attended by representatives of all national movements and several observers.

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