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Japan YCW offers us a song of hope amidst the Covid crisis

Hello I am Aoi Shinya. We action every day to make our work and life better with our colleagues. Right now, the coronavirus is affecting people's lives and work in a variety of ways, and each of them is in a very difficult situation. The people in the medical field who work to protect our lives and the clerks at supermarkets who are indispensable to our lives. We want to protect the working environment of the people who work there. I would like to make the working environment even better. Rather than letting this situation go on as it is, I want to speak up when I think something is wrong. Each person's voice may be small, but I believe that we can change with everyone and with our friends. With our hopes and prayers, I will sing the YCW song, "With Friends"

Visit of the YCW European Commission to the YCW Castilla y León (Spain)