YCW Egypt struggles against sexual harrassment


The Egypt YCW Fights Sexual Harassment

The IYCW international team was pleased to welcome Sabah Eskandar, a former member of Egypt YCW, who visited the international secretariat in Brussels on Saturday February 9th.

In her visit, Sabah was accompanied by Milad Mikhael, a former international team member for the Africa region (1998-2002) and by George, an Egyptian activist.

The meeting, which lasted about 2 hours, provided the opportunity to discuss the current situation in Egypt and YCW in this post-revolution period. Sabah explained that conditions in Egypt now are not really stable in all spheres of life. The change in the country’s government did not significantly improve the social and political situation. The prices of goods are higher and people are increasingly suffering.

The influence of the Muslim Brotherhood on the leadership of President Morsi is very strong, so there is a tendency of the government in Egypt to impose the principles of Islamic law (Sharia).

The YCW in Egypt is not immune from the national problems; difficulties hit all people, especially young people. Sabah said the Egypt YCW continues to organize workers in factories and communities. The YCW provides a place for young workers to analyze their problems. One problem faced by young workers in Egypt is sexual harassment of women workers.

Sabah explained that the current YCW leaders in Egypt continue to promote the fight against sexual abuse of young women in Egypt through regular meetings in the base groups, training and action organized at the factory level, and cooperation with other organizations.

At the end of Sabah’s visit to the international secretariat, Arlindo, the IYCW International treasurer, confirmed that the countries of the African region, including Egypt, have become priority countries to be strengthened. Arlindo hopes Sabah will continue to support the struggle in Egypt to achieve prosperity for all workers in her country.

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