The Philippines YCW held its 34th National Council in Taytay, Rizal

After almost five (5) years of struggle, the Philippines Young Christian Workers (PYCW) finally held its 34th National Council (NC) of) from 30th April to 8th May 2018 in Taytay, Rizal. Young workers (YW) delegates from five regions – Cebu, Negros Occidental, IloIlo, Metro Manila and Camarines Norte – participated in the NC to represent their regions and share the realities. The theme was:  “Kilos Kabataang Manggagawa para sa Dignidad at Karapatan” (Young Workers Acting for their Dignity and Rights). Indeed, the movement believes that as actors of change, action should be the starting point in changing the realities of young workers and the way to transform the society through its Task of Education (TOE).

One of the highlights of the NC program was the exchange of leaders exposing the delegates to different areas of work in Valenzuela City. A first group visited the contractual group of Malanday, a second group stayed with the pedicab base group of Lawang Bato, and a third one visited a mixed group of young people in Vista Verde.

News from the Asia & Pacific YCW: “We believe we are the solution”

Last October the Asia & Pacific YCW (ASPAC) held a continental action meeting, a seminar on social protection and a regional leaders’ exchange in the Philippines. The Continental Action Meeting was held in Taytay, in Rizal province. Twenty-eight participants from the YCW national movements of Australia, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan and the Philippines attended the meeting, and the ASPAC team, the IYCW secretary-general and a PANAF coordinator were also present.

ASPAC had chosen a challenging theme for the Continental Action Meeting: “We Are Young! We Are Workers! Fighting for Dignity.” Participants came together to share their experiences and concerns, difficulties and convictions about the YCW in their respective countries. “We are young people who want to contribute and participate in the society. We are often excluded and not respected. We want to find a way to live a dignified life in this society. Yes, we believe that we are the solution and we can make difference!”

The World of Work in Asia and Pacific

The Asia and Pacific region includes 47 countries that account for about 61 percent of the total world population. Data suggest that in 2016, more than 4.5 billion inhabitants out 7.4 billion worldwide belonged to that region. Asia-Pacific is home to diversified cultures and traditions.

According to the International Labor Organization (ILO) during its 16th Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting held in Bali, Indonesia, Asia-Pacific also provides more than 60 percent of the labor force worldwide. Over the past years, it has experienced a significant decline in poverty rates, a growth of modern industries and has a more educated labor force. However, employment which is a key factor in helping people move out of poverty remains stubbornly low. The sustained economic growth and dynamism does not translate into social progress and only benefits the few.

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