Australia YCW/YCS: Annual National Action Conference in Adelaide, July 2023

Between 6 - 9 July, members of the Young Christian Workers (YCW) and Young Christian Students (YCS) gathered together at The Monastery in Adelaide for the annual action conference. Members, workers and mentors from the YCW in Perth, Adelaide, Pt Augusta, Melbourne and Parramatta Dioceses were joined by their YCS counterparts from Parramatta and Adelaide. Together, they reflected on the realities of young people today, discerned in the light of Gospel values and those of the different faiths represented and committed to new actions in the spirit of the founder Fr. Joseph Cardijn's see, judge, act method.

Errol Samarista: All Fishermen to Receive Adequate Social Protection

fisherman 1

“This is my second life. I spent a day and a night afloat more than 24 hrs. in the big sea in March 2020. I was fortunate to be discovered by the seashore of a nearby town. I am grateful to God for my second life.” - Jesus Aguilar, young fisherman

Errol Samarista, IYCW Asia-Pacific coordinator, was present as one of the resource persons in the webinar “Safety and Health is a Fundamental Right at Work”, organized by INSP!R Asia (International Network for Social Protection Rights) and ACV-CSC International, on Monday, October 25 and Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

All workers, regardless of their type of employment, formal and informal, men and women, have the right to a safe and healthy working environment, including affordable quality health care and social protection. Declaring safety and health as a fundamental right at work means that governments have to respect it, promote it, enshrine it in law and enforce it, monitoring its implementation in good faith.

“Generation Connection”: the new national campaign of the Australian YCW

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The Australian YCW held its national council last January. It brought together 34 young leaders from around the country to discuss the reality of young people in their cities. Their recently elected national president, Marilyn Bellett, gives us an update on their new national campaign called “Generation Connection.”

What they learned from the situations they discussed at the council is that “there is a real sense of distrust and disillusionment in young people, especially when it comes to institutions, whether that be schools, governments or church-based institutions.”

Some of the key areas they wanted to focus on included young people experiencing precarious work and wage theft, migrant young workers and refugees, asylum seekers and international students, young women, young men, as well as student realities in high schools and universities. With that last group, they have been developing their relationship with the Australian YCS (Young Christian Students).

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