Work-Free Sunday is a Right!

For years now, YCW Bavaria has been actively campaigning for the protection of Sunday to be free from work. It aims for the workers to have time to spend with family, play soccer with friends, establish relationships with the community, go to Church, participate in social voluntary work and build organizations. The action is against big shops that open on Sunday and some shops that extend the closing hours until 11 in the evening.

Sundays and legal holidays are defined as days of rest protected by the Basic Law and the Bavarian Constitution. However, some shops open during sales periods, Sunday markets and feast days, and on other special occasions, taking advantage of community activities to open.


At the regional meeting of the Bavarian YCW last April 6, 2019, participants re-affirmed their commitment and conviction about Sunday:

1. Sunday means freedom. It is the day that, according to the Bible, should be free from the pressure of work and provide some space for relief after a week of hard labor.

2. Sunday puts men/women at the center of work and society. This means that Sunday stands against all attempts to subjugate men/women to money, profit and the economy.



3. Sunday is family and friends’ day. Only on Sunday do the family and friends have the common opportunity to spend a whole day/time together.

4. Sunday is a foundation of a community. Sunday gives stability to society because it enables citizens to meet and help each other, exchange experiences and volunteer. Workers can participate in the development of organizations and participate in various activities.

5. Sunday restores the energy for the week ahead. Workers are not machines. As humans, we need some time to slow down and rest. Besides the opportunity to develop activities together, Sunday gives us time to relax and recharge our body for the work week to come.



6. Sunday is celebration. For many other peoples, it is an opportunity to live out their culture, to share music and food, and not let themselves be taken over by work and just live for work. Work is only one part of life.  

7. Sunday breaks the homogeneity of a week. For without the Sunday rest, all days would be the same.

The right to rest is part of the campaign of the IYCW for a Just World of Work. It is one of the fundamental rights of workers enshrined in Article 24 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The campaign of the movement for Work-Free Sunday aims at protecting the physical and mental health of workers. This right is linked to the right of each person to personal development, education and learning.

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