ICA Meeting: A Dynamic Commitment Towards the YCW Centenary

The weekend of February 16-18 took us to Belgium, to the Management Committee of the International Cardijn Association (ICA). This team is composed of people from different generations of IYCW leaders and the current International Secretariat. Basma, Leizyl, Cecilia, Arlindo, Michele, Mardi, Bernhard and Marinete attended the meeting.

The objectives of the meeting were, among others, to get an overview of the current situation of the movement in the different countries, to evaluate the general activity of the IYCW and to plan for the coming years, with particular emphasis on the celebration of the CENTENARY of the YCW.

The ICA team's meetings are mainly held online, which deprives us of a physical presence, close human relations and real proximity, all of which facilitate agreements and motivation for the collective work that the International YCW needs. On the 16th and 18th, we worked in the office of the International Secretariat. On Saturday 17th, we visited the commune of Baudour and gathered near the community garden, of which our friend Michele has been a linchpin for many years.

We focused on the work being done for the CENTENARY celebration, from May 1 to 12, 2025, which will concentrate various activities, with the presence of different generations of YCW members in Belgium and internationally. All this will be the subject of forthcoming IYCW and ICA publications.

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