Peru: a Lima YCW Action to Re-communalize Neighborhood Life

A community without leaders, a lack of interest from local residents in taking care of their neighborhood, many abandoned spaces - the central park, the municipal hall, the sports fields - occupied by outsiders who were using them for drugs and alcohol.

This was the situation five years ago in the working-class, self-managed district of Villa El Salvador, south of Lima. This reality was the starting point for action by young YCW members, who involved residents in reclaiming the area, transforming the neighborhood where they lived and changing the lives of young workers and community members.

Chile YCW Training Week 2023: Strengthening Knowledge, Analyzing Local and National Realities, Helping to Preserve the Environment

A training week was organized by the Chile YCW from July 5 to 9. This enriching experience took place at the El Quisco YCW retreat house, located on the coast of the Valparaiso region. During this event, young people from different communities and backgrounds came together to share experiences, gain new knowledge and reflect on issues that concern our young people. We were delighted to have the active participation of representatives from the Peru YCW as part of our joint efforts to strengthen co-responsibility between the two organizations.

The YCW in Venezuela: Facing the Crisis, Young Workers Fight, United, in Solidarity and Strong (2)

 Coordinacion Nacional 1

The activists of the Venezuela YCW (JOCV) held their XXVII National Council (NC) in the city of Sanare, Lara State, on April 8-9-10, 2022, with the participation of many people, among them 34 young official delegates from 5 regions of the country (Caracas, Bolivar, Lara, Portugueza and Zulia), with the support of adult collaborators and a representative of the International YCW Secretariat as guests.

The NC was held in memory of our companion Paul Priou, a great reference for the YCW of Venezuela who left this world a few months ago but who remains present in the heart of every young worker as mentioned by Elibeth Villaroel during the official opening of this XXVII NC.

The JOCV had developed an extensive process of preparation, in times of pandemic, convening all current activists, former leaders and adult collaborators, in the national territory and outside the country, in order to enrich the process and the conduct of this NC, despite the impacts created by the international economic blockade and the internal crisis that the country is facing.

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