The Liege YCW Against Police Violence

A Campaign by the Walloon YCW to "Stop Repression"

The Liege (Walloon) YCW is holding an annual event called "Stop Repression" to promote peace and demand social change in Belgium on 22-23 February 2013.

"Repression has been ubiquitous in our lives, our organization, and our society for quite a few years. In short, it has become part of young people’s reality everywhere," said Slim Essaker, a YCW activist in Liege.

Slim explained that there are actually various forms of repression such as abusive stop and check in neighborhoods, administrative arrest for anyone who might disturb public order, municipal administrative sanctions, installation of surveillance cameras everywhere, expulsion of undocumented migrants, etc.

Taking into account these various forms of repression and the negative impact on the public, the Liege YCW is organizing a seminar titled "Stop Repression."

Several social activists concerned with police violence are scheduled to attend the event.

Christy Nodin (YCW activist from Liege involved in the “Stop repression” campaign). He is one of the initiators of the campaign and of the 15th March annual event against police brutality.

Mark Monaco (Euromayday - Precarious United). He will draw a comparison between activism and repression in Genoa-Italy in 2001 and today, especially in the case of Belgium and “No Border Camp 2010”.

Ludovicus Mardiyono (Indonesian union activist - International president of the IYCW) will talk about strikes, factory occupations, imprisonment and repression beyond borders.

Olivier Stein (lawyer) will talk about civil rights when arrested by the police.


Cooperation between IYCW and WSM


Last Friday 15th February, the International Secretariat (IS) team members met with representatives of World Solidarity Movement (WSM) as part of the process of integration of the new IS members. The meeting took place at the IYCW office in Schaerbeek, Belgium.

The WSM representatives were Bart, Ben and Jeroen. Bart and Ben are responsible for WSM’s international action department while Jeroen is a north-south cooperation program coordinator. All the IS outgoing and new team members were present at the meeting.

There were two strategic items on the agenda of the meeting: international political action and the cooperation program between WSM and the IYCW.

YCW Egypt struggles against sexual harrassment


The Egypt YCW Fights Sexual Harassment

The IYCW international team was pleased to welcome Sabah Eskandar, a former member of Egypt YCW, who visited the international secretariat in Brussels on Saturday February 9th.

In her visit, Sabah was accompanied by Milad Mikhael, a former international team member for the Africa region (1998-2002) and by George, an Egyptian activist.

The meeting, which lasted about 2 hours, provided the opportunity to discuss the current situation in Egypt and YCW in this post-revolution period. Sabah explained that conditions in Egypt now are not really stable in all spheres of life. The change in the country’s government did not significantly improve the social and political situation. The prices of goods are higher and people are increasingly suffering.