IYCW at UNESCO: Invest in Strong Social Protection

Unesco 2021 Sarah

The IYCW was invited to the 41st UNESCO general assembly which took place at UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France from 9-24 November 2021. As an official partner of UNESCO, the IYCW was invited to provide its views on the issues currently under the attention of UNESCO.

Sarah Prenger, the IYCW president, shared her views on education, work and youth. She appreciated the director general of UNESCO highlighting the impact of educational disruption due to the pandemic on almost two billion learners.

“I thank the director general of UNESCO for pointing out that in the year 2020, 1.6 billion learners were affected by an unprecedented educational disruption. These data just show how billions of people around the world are far from living in dignity,” Sarah said.

Urgent Appeal: Put our Love in Action for YCW Haiti Following Brutal Earthquake

Haiti 1

IYCW Urgent Appeal - Early in the morning of 14 August 2021, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake rocked Haiti, causing hospitals, schools and homes to collapse, claiming thousands of lives, and leaving communities in crisis. An estimated 1.2 million people, including 540,000 children, have been affected by the powerful earthquake.

YCW Haiti is appealing for our support!

There are 300 YCW members living in the affected region of Les Cayes in the south of the country who, thank God, have all survived. After a first visit to the region, they reported 250 affected YCW members whose homes were destroyed and who are now living and sleeping on the streets. They are therefore directly exposed to street violence and urgently need new accommodation. Many also have to cope with the death of a family member. The Haitian YCW leaders have already been able to provide initial support in the form of emergency packages with soap and other items, as well as food such as rice, because the other YCW members in Haiti who are not directly affected are also showing solidarity.

Haiti 2

The IYCW, the ICA, YCW Haiti and Weltnotwerk are sending this urgent appeal together, calling for your donations.

75th Anniversary of UNESCO: Youth to Take the Lead

Basma UnescoBasma Louis, IYCW leader

 IYCW News - On 12th July the NGO-UNESCO liaison Committee organized a preparation meeting for the 75th anniversary event which will take place this coming September by virtual means.

The NGO-UNESCO liaison committee works with more than 240 NGOs, but only 40 attended this meeting when asked to delegate young people under the age of 30. It is obvious that the NGOs need to include more young people in their organizations and structures.

The objective of the meeting was to develop a Position Paper on Youth and Guidelines for Advocacy to be presented at UNESCO’s 75th Anniversary celebrations. During the meeting, the delegates split into 4 different breakout rooms to discuss more specifically the position paper and the launching of the event. 

The IYCW leader Basma Louis attended the meeting and brought the proposal of the movement to be included in the position paper.